HR Best Practices Guide for Management Updated for Members

Published 2009
Revised 2013

The IDA, in partnership with SCI Companies, a leading provider of HR outsourcing services, announces that the IDA member publication, HR Best Practices Guide for Management, has been updated with new material to comply with all federal regulations. 

IDA first produced this guide in April 2009 for the IDA Expo.  It was revised in July 2012, and now again in September 2013.  The IDA Member Services Committee has committed to updating this guide every year in order to keep it current with all federal laws regarding human resources issues.

Changes were made in Chapter 3: New Employee On-boarding, to clarify the completion and timelines for submission regarding Sections I and II of the Form I-9; in Chapter 9: Leaves of Absence (LOA), with information regarding the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA), and in Chapter 10: Benefits Overview, information was added regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Throughout the guide, website references were updated to reflect the correct link.

You can find the updated guide under the Member Downloads section of the IDA website,  You can view a description of the guide under Member Benefits on the website.  

Company Safety & Health Manual

Published 2009
Revised 2012

This is a comprehensive and quality safety manual, with full navigation and substantial supporting information. An essential step in creating and sustaining a successful safety effort and program is to produce a Company Safety & Health Manual. The IDA Member Services Committee has prepared this Sample Company Safety & Health Manual as a guide for you. It is not intended to be a complete publication, but it is designed to be a detailed starting point for members.    It is recommended that you have your corporate attorney review your final manual before making it official.