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Residential Installer DVD Training Program

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The DoorTech© Residential Installer DVD Training Program contains the following ten individual training sections:

  • DoorTech Introduction
  • Introduction to Safety
  • Trucks, Tools and Equipment
  • Math and Measurements
  • Technical Basics
  • Installation of a Residential Garage Door
  • Installation of a Residential Garage Door Opener
  • Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving
  • Helping Your Customer
  • Importance of Professionalism

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Commercial Operator Troubleshooting DVD

The DoorTech© Commercial Operator Troubleshooting DVD  is a great tool to have. 

Commercial Operator Troubleshooting is a single-module DVD that covers fundamentals of common components, testing components, wiring diagrams and schematic drawings, UL 325, and general troubleshooting. Produced for IDA by IDEA, the program shows the differences and similarities between electro-mechanical and logic-based operators.

Featuring Roy Bardowell and Dan Dombkowski, the 48-minute video is ideal for supplementing training.

Homeowner Garage Door System Maintenance/Safety Awareness Kit

In This Kit You Will Find  a video DVD, internet-ready video files and podcast-ready video files on two disks.

The Homeowner Garage Door System Maintenance/Safety Awareness Kit is another tool for IDA dealer members. This professionally produced message addresses the importance of proper residential door system maintenance. This project was shown on multiple PBS stations and viewed by tens of thousands throughout the United States.


This kit contains a safety-oriented television spot regarding residential garage doors and operators. The message is positioned for the homeowner to view and learn about what they can do to keep their door system in proper working order. It also covers the dangers of the various system components- such as springs.

There are 8 different files for different uses. This can be displayed on computer, web sites, DVD players, and MP3 players.

Consider using the DVD on a laptop or TV/DVD player in your dealer showrooms, mall shows, sales calls and local TV stations. If you have a website the video files provided on the CD are available in various file sizes for internet and podcast use.