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The IDA offers diverse and valuable advertising and marketing opportunities for those who provide products and services to door and access systems dealers.  The association’s database of door dealers has been created during a thirty-year period, and is updated on a daily basis.  Your messages to the IDA database are received by legitimate door dealers…firms that derive their livelihoods from selling, installing and servicing door and access systems products.  By utilizing IDA advertising and marketing venues, you won’t waste your message and promotional budget on non-buyers. A variety of opportunities are available to you through our web site.  Below are listed a sampling including the association’s premiere magazine, International Door & Operator Industry.


International Door & Operator Industry (ID&OI) is a must-read magazine for the door and access industry. Published for 42 years, it has earned the respect of the industry worldwide. Advertisers in ID&OI gain an immediate level of industry credibility when their advertisement is published on our pages.

ID&OI carries the most information for its readers. There is so much good information within the pages that dealers ‘save’ the issues and use them as reference tools for the future. This means that your advertising has a very long life span.

The complete issue of ID&OI is available online in an easy-to-read 'flip-page' format. This online magazine has search, print and zoom capabilities. In addition, all advertiser ads have a direct link to their website. See an issue here.

A total of 6 issues are kept online so that your Advertising, Product News, Moving Up, Industry News and Literature/Web News from issues up to a year old are available to all who access ID&OI!

ID&OI supports the industry by featuring the most articles, the most product news, the most industry news, and the most information regarding personnel changes, industry events and opportunities.

ID&OI is by far the leader in the door and access industry. With more than 140 pages each issue going to 16,500+ interested persons around the world. In addition, the entire magazine is available online and major articles are translated to Spanish!

All proceeds from the magazine are put right back into the industry. In addition to promoting industry meetings, trade shows, educational opportunities and professionalism, it contributes $25,000 yearly to the IDA Scholarship Foundation (over $200,000 to date!)

When you are looking for an opportunity to present your product or service to this industry, the obvious choice is with International Door & Operator Industry! 

Click here to learn about advertising in ID&OI magazine.

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International Door & Operator Industry magazine is the flagship publication of the door industry. You can compliment your magazine ad by having a link at the magazine’s online version.

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The International Door Association, through the website, provides information and resources to dealers, manufacturers and users. Throughout the year the website gets over 36,000 unique visitors, and over 272,000 page views. With the proliferation of online access, through cell phones, laptops and tablets, your online presence is more important than ever. is THE major communication tool for members of the garage door and operator industry. Your appearance there displays your commitment to industry members.

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The International Door & Operator Industry magazine blasts out over 8,500 emails bi-monthly announcing the latest online version.