Introducing IDA's New and Improved Program: Industry Insights

The time has come again for IDA members to learn in more detail how they stack up against other members and peers within the industry. This year, we are launching a NEW and IMPROVED service that provides you with online access using highly visual and interactive tools. The Dealer Fit program of the past has been replaced by this new program, called INDUSTRY INSIGHTS. This new system, provided by E Squared Consulting, will allow for you to gain greater insight into vital metrics like CASH FLOW and BREAKEVEN PROFITABILITY and allow you to look at “What-if” scenarios for you to identify ways to improve CASH FLOW and PROFITABILITY. In addition, with E Squared Consulting’s INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, you will learn key industry insights and have the unique ability to COMPARE and RANK yourself against your peers.

Service Coming April 1st, 2018!

Click here to visit the Industry Insights Website.