From Installing/Servicing Dealers

Q What is the difference between an Installing/Servicing Dealer and a Subscribing Dealer?

A A Company that sells, installs, and services residential and/or commercial door and access systems as it primary business and has been in business a minimum of three years is an Installing/Servicing Dealer. An Installing/Servicing dealer must agree to the Code of Business Conduct, and may use the IDA logo in it marketing efforts. A Subscribing Dealer has been in business less than three years. A Subscribing Dealer may not use the IDA logo and may not vote or hold office.

Q Why should I join IDA?

A You should join IDA to increase your scope of knowledge of the industry by taking advantage of the myriad of educational opportunities and publications available to members. You should join to increase your contact network and to have the opportunity to communicate with others who do what you do. You should also join to enhance the credibility of your company to your customers, your employees and to local building officials.

Q What do I get for my dues?

A A lot! US and Canadian Dealers receive a membership plaque, a Code of Business Conduct suitable for framing, IDA member decals for windows and trucks, a logo reproduction sheet, a membership directory, a listing on the IDA Web site, a magazine subscription, a garage door business forms CD, an industry discount coupon book, a dealership marketing manual on CD, employment and safety management manuals, and discounts on the IDA EXPO, publications, and special business and marketing tools.

Q I already have a subscription to the magazine—are there any other benefits?

A The magazine is only one benefit. See answer above!

Q Why is there an initiation fee?

A There is an extra fee the first year because of all the publications that are shipped to you as a new member as well as your membership plaque.

Q I used to get the magazine for free, but my subscription expired. Can I just get the magazine?

A The International Door & Operator Industry magazine is offered free of charge to any interested person in the US or Canada.
All others must pay a magazine subscription fee of $75 per year.

Q I run a small shop and can’t attend EXPO – why should I join?

A Although the benefits from attending the annual EXPO are important and are hard to quantify (because everyone gets something different out of EXPO), IDA prides itself on having a smorgasbord of benefits so that membership is beneficial for both large and small dealers and dealers who do and do not attend the annual event.

Q Do I need a user name and password to access the IDA Web site?

A Yes, for certain pages of the Web site. Some services are available for members only. Each member is issued a unique user name and password upon joining.

Q Isn’t IDA just for large dealers?

A IDA has a variety of member benefits that help both the large and small dealers. In fact, the small dealer, if he/she chooses to do so, can immediately put into use hundreds of employee policies, business operations forms and marketing and labeling opportunities just by joining.

Q What is IDA’s mission?

A The mission of the International Door Association is to provide services to door and access systems dealers that enhance their professionalism and value. The Logo reads: Enhancing the Value and Professionalism of Door & Access Systems Dealers.

Q Does IDA offer an accreditation or certification program?

A Both. The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation created a dealer accreditation program for the business, followed in 2002 by a certification program for installers The certification program is a three-part program, including a Train-the-Trainer component, an Installer Training component, and culminating with taking a written examination to earn installer certification. For up-to-date information on all the offerings available through IDEA, visit

Q Give me one good reason to join!

A 2,000 members can’t be wrong!

Q Does IDA have a Code of Ethics?

A IDA has a mandatory Code of Business Conduct to which dealer members must agree. In return for subscribing to the Code, the member is sent a copy of the Code that is suitable for framing. In addition, he/she may use CBC decals and logos on their windows and on their literature.

Q How can I be considered as a national director?

A The Heritage and Nominating Committee proposes a slate of nominees each year to the Board of Directors. In addition, any Installing/Servicing Dealer Member in good standing, with a petition signed by 10 members, may be included on the ballot. If you or someone you know is interested in serving as an IDA Director click this document to find out how.

Q I deal primarily in commercial installations, so can IDA help me?

A Networking with other commercial installation companies alone will more than pay for your annual dues investment.

From Primary Industry Manufacturer/Vendor Members

Q What’s the difference between a Primary Industry Manufacturer/Vendor Member and a Subscribing Associate Member?

A An Primary Industry Manufacturer/Vendor Member is a company that provides door & access systems products and services to the door & access systems industry. A Subscribing Associate is a company or person that provides services to door & access systems dealers including franchisers, legal firms, accounting firms, architects, specifiers, engineers, and officials having jurisdiction..

Q Can I get a mailing list of members?

A A membership directory is included with each new member kit. Industry members are sent a link to these online files.

Q How do I get my products listed in the Door Systems Product Guide?

A This Guide is available online.  This reference guide lists member manufacturers and suppliers and all their products and services. It is an invaluable tool for the dealer members. All Industry members are provided with forms for the purpose of submitting applicable data. There is no charge for IDA members to be included in the Product Guide.

Q How do I advertise in the Coupon book?

A Each Fall, all Industry members are given the opportunity to prepare and send in an ad, free of charge, for the New Member Coupon book. The book is then sent to all new IDA Installing/Servicing Dealer Members for the following year.

Q What’s the difference between the standard term membership and the special term membership?

A Standard term membership is for one calendar year – January through December. Special term membership is pre-paying for either three for five years, and receiving either a 10 percent or a 20 percent discount for doing so.

Q How do I get a press release included in International Door & Operator Industry?

A While IDA reserves the right to edit, publish or refuse any press release, most releases will be published and they can be e-mailed or mailed to IDA. ID & OI does not publish press releases pertaining to the appointment of dealerships, distributorships or franchisees of product and/or service providers.

Q If our company joins, are our field sales personnel also members?

A If the official representative authorizes the sales personnel to receive materials, they may be listed as Industry Additional Personnel for that company and receive the magazine and have access to the member portion of the Web site.

Q How can I be considered as a national director?

A The Heritage and Nominating Committee proposes a slate of nominees each year to the Board of Directors. In addition, any industry member in good standing, with a petition signed by 10 members, may be included on the ballot.