The International Door Association (IDA) Board of Directors is charged with governing the association in accordance with the bylaws and identifying ways to impact the industry for all. 

The IDA Board of Directors is a diverse group of individuals that reflect the composition of the IDA membership. IDA ensures that the Directors represent different company sizes, industry tenures, experience, and geographical location. 

A Director’s term is three (3) years, with the possibility to be reelected for another, consecutive three (3) year term. Directors are elected (or reelected) annually by the IDA membership.
Dealer Member Directors serve a specific, geographic region. Industry Member Directors represent the overall membership rather than a specific region. 
If you, or someone you know, are interestied in becoming a member of the IDA Board of Directors, please complete the Nominee Interest Form  and send it to Lori Barker Cummings at IDA Headquarters – 

What are the qualifications for being an IDA Director? 

Dealer Members must be an owner, partner or employee of a Dealer Member company. 
Industry Members must be an owner, partner or employee of an Industry Member company holding a responsible position.

When do Directors assume their official position? 

Immediately following the IDA Annual Meeting of Members conducted during the IDAExpo in the Spring.

When do the Nominating Committee and Board select nominees? 

The slate of Director Nominees is selected in October during the Board of Directors Meeting 

How many meetings is a Director expected to attend? 

The Board routinely meets four times each year. One of the meetings is conducted in conjunction with the IDAExpo. On occasion, an Operating Committee may require an additional meeting, but in most cases additional meetings are conducted via conference call and do not require traveling.

Is a Director reimbursed for meeting related expenses? 

Yes. Currently, Directors are reimbursed for travel, lodging, and meals.

What are the overall duties of a Director? 

Directors are responsible for establishing the direction of the association, and monitoring its progress in maintaining that direction. In addition, Directors comprise the leadership for IDA Operating Committees. Each Director serves on a minimum of three (3) Committees. Committee meetings are typically conducted three (3) times a year. 

What is the duration of a typical Director meeting? 

For the majority of the Board, Committee meetings are conducted on Thursday, with the Board meeting conducted on Friday. Depending on the location of the meeting, most Directors arrive on Wednesday afternoon, and depart Friday afternoon. A limited number of Committees meet on Wednesday, and may require some Directors to arrive on Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Do Director Nominees campaign for the position? 

Campaigning is not required, but most nominees do some sort of promotion to the applicable voting members to inform them of their qualifications and interests. Email lists for this purpose are provided by IDA.

When does an election take place? 

The IDA membership is notified of the slate of nominees as approved by the IDA Board immediately following the meeting at which the slate is approved. Approximately 45 days following this notification, a ballot is provided electronically to all voting members. Members are given 30 days to vote. Ballots are tabulated by a third party company specializing in association elections.

Do Director spouses attend meetings? 

On occasion, but not at the expense of the IDA.