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A Dealer Branch Member is a company 100 percent owned by an Installing/Servicing Dealer Member. A Branch must have a physical office in the locality of the Installing/Servicing Dealer Member, and must be staffed by at least one full-time manager. The Branch must be open for business not less than 35 hours spread over not less than four days each week. The Branch must have a telephone number unique to the physical office in the locality. The physical office must have on-site capability of providing sales, and must have either on-site, or through the Installing/Serving Dealer member, the ability to sell, install and/or service door and access system products. May refer to IDA and use the IDA logo in advertising and marketing. Full voting rights of Membership including voting, may hold Board and/or Officer positions. Branch Member is IDA Code of Business Conduct compliant via Installing/Serving Dealer Member.

By submitting this form, you give IDA permission to fax you and you agree to subscribe to the Installing/Servicing Dealer Code of Business Conduct (click to review).

New Members wanting to join IDA under any special offers or sponsorship must apply by Mail or Fax using a current hardcopy membership form. Payments made online through Paypal will be charged exactly as indicated for Membership Classifications.

Application is hereby made for membership in the INTERNATIONAL DOOR ASSOCIATION.


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You may select one of two Dealer Branch Member classifications: Standard, Half-Year

Dealer Branch - Standard Dues, January 1 - December 31, US and Canadian Installing/Servicing Dealer. $50.00 Processing Fee plus $200.00 Total: $250.00

Dealer Branch - Half Year Dues, Joining after June 1. $50.00 Processing Fee plus $100.00 Total: $150.00

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