Dealer FIT™ Program
Indispensable Financial Information for Door Dealers 

  Dealer-FIT 2015 is a report on the "cost of doing business" survey of members of financial and operational data for garage door dealers and distributors.

The survey was based on year-end 2014 financial data and it was administered and reported by Zoller Consulting, Inc. for the IDA. This is proprietary information intended ONLY for the purchaser. The following reports are available:
  • Dealers – Residential Work Only
  • Dealers – Commercial Work Only
  • Dealers – <$4 Million in Annual Sales
  • Dealers – >$4 Million in Annual Sales
Individual reports are available for $60.00 for members or $90.00 for non-members. Find the link to the order form on the homepage of the IDA website:

The next full survey will be based on year-end 2017 financial data, and the report will be released in 2018.

Dealer Fit ID&OI Article 1-10
(Adobe PDF File)
Dealer Fit ID&OI Article 9-09
(Adobe PDF File)
Dealer Fit ID&OI Article 3-11
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Dealer Fit ID&OI Article 4-09
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