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Each year the International Door Association recognizes individuals and companies who have served the association, and/or industry in an extraordinary way. During the past several years, hundreds have been acknowledged for their contributions as you can see below.

The IDA depends extensively on recommendations by the membership as to who is deserving of being recognized. The Heritage and Nominating Committee seeks your recommendations for one or all of the awards. Download the Awards Nomination Brochure from the left side of this page.

Distinguished Service Award
Industry Member Service Award
Joe A. Caputo Dealer of the Year Award
Jerry R. Reynolds Volunteer Leadership Award
Presidential Service Award
Special Service Award
Director Service Award
International Dealer Award
Globe Award
Heritage Award
Humanitarian Award
IDA Lifetime Honorary Member Award
Tancil A. Horne Charity Award
Door Technician of the Year

IDA Distinguished Service Award:

The Distinguished Service Award is an individual award given to a dealer or industry member for outstanding service to the industry. Innovative leader, integrity, honesty, quality oriented, tangible/intangible contribution to the industry describe this person.

1996 – Doug Kidd
1997 – Jim Kelly
1998 – George Meikle
1999 – Erwin Feuchter
2000 – Russ Dunn
2001 – Jack Starr
2002 – Willis Mullet, Wayne-Dalton Corporation
2003 – David Martin, Martin Door Manufacturing
2004 – Michel Gendreau, Garaga Inc
2005 – Jack Graf, Jr, Bill Walker
2006 – Andrew Cornell, Cornell Iron Works
2007 – Gerhard Rauch, Henry Neels, Helton Industries
2008 – Bob Bernard, Nathional Door Industries
2009 – Roe Long-Wagner - Long & Associates, Inc. and Chris Long – Long & Associates, Inc.
2010 – Robert Schram
2011 – Jack Ginther
2012 – Dennis Schlabach
2013 – Dr. David Bowen
2014 – Joe Hetzel, DASMA Technical Director
2015 – Bearge Miller, Miller Edge
2016 – Cathy Buckingham, TNR Industrial Doors
2017 – Chuck Miller, Overhead Door Corp
2018 – Bill Wahler

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IDA Industry Member Service Award:

The Industry Member Service Award honors an industry member of the association for its continued excellence in business, for significant contribution to the International Door Association, for overall industry and product innovations and for displaying exceptional traits of honesty, integrity and quality.

1996 – Raynor Garage Doors
1997 – Cornell Iron Works
1998 – Miller Edge
1999 – National Door Industries, Inc., Ft. Worth, TX
2000 – CHI Overhead Doors, Arthur, IL
2001 – Northwest Door, Tacoma, WA
2002 – The Cookson Company, AZ, Robert Cookson
2003 – Richards-Wilcox Custom Systems, Mississauga, ON, Canada
2004 – The Chamberlain Group, Elmhurst, IL
2005 – Clopay Building Products, Mason, OH
2006 – Murphy Industries, Marion, OH
2007 – Martin Doors, Salt Lake City, UT
2008 – Arrow Tru-Line, Archbold, OH
2009 – Haas Door, Wauseon, OH
2010 – Garaga, St. Georges, Canada
2011 – Resource Industries, Ft. Worth, Texas
2012 – Service Spring Corporation, Millbury, Ohio
2013 – Napoleon/Lynx, Archbold, Ohio
2014 – Amarr
2015 – Sommer USA, Charlotte, North Carolina
2016 – Rosy Brown, Rasco Industries
2017 – Iowa Spring Manufacturing, Adel, Iowa
2018 – A-Tech, Palmer, Pennsylvania

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IDA Joe A. Caputo Dealer of the Year Award:

Dealers only. The Joseph Caputo Dealer of the Year Award is only awarded to door dealers. The recipient must demonstrate high integrity, be respected by peers, be quality oriented, display community and industry involvement and serve as a model door dealer company.

1996 – John Carl, Jr. / Crawford Door Sales
1997 – Dale, Ray, Lucille & Gary Brooks, / Contra Costa Door
1998 – Jim Lett / A.B.E. Doors & Windows
1999 – Bob McManus / Door Boy, Berkeley Heights, NJ
2000 – Earnest Yoder / Wayne Garage Door Sales, Dover, OH (deceased)
2001 – Donna & Havard Macik, La Grange Overhead Door Inc, La Grange, TX
2002 – Rick Rinderle, Rinderle Door Co, WI
2003 – Don Harrison, Harrison Door Company, Henderson, NV
2004 – Philip Miller, Virginia Door Inc, Chesapeake, VA
2005 – Jim Murnan, Omaha Door & Window Co Inc, Omaha, NE
2006 – Bill Bear, Cristar Garage Door and Controls Inc, Sterling, VA
2007 – William Mathews, JB Mathews Company, Apopka, FL
2008 – Jeff Davis, Davis Door, Seattle, WA
2009 – Dan Bernacki, Dan’s Ovhd Doors & More, North Liberty, IA
2010 – A&E Door Sales, Cincinnati, OH
2011 – PDQ Door Company Inc., Hampton, ME
2012 – Broten Garage Door and Gate, Pompano Beach, FL
2013 – Hartland Overhead Door, Hartland, WI
2014 – Marion "Lawrie" L. Theuer, Applegate Door, Philomath, OR
2015 – American Door Works
2016 – Loren Vickers, Overhead Door Flagstaff
2017 – Steve Pascuzzi, DH Pace Company
2018 – Dean Monnin, Dayton Door Sales

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IDA Jerry R. Reynolds Volunteer Leadership Award:

The Jerry R. Reynolds Volunteer Leadership Award is awarded to persons who have demonstrated dedicated service to the International Door Association as a volunteer.

1996 – Jim Lett
1997 – Tancil Horne
1998 – Cecil Williams
1999 – Bill Weber
2000 – Jerry and Joyce Kenaga
2001 – John Zoller
2002 – Gary Lombard, Kevin Pettiette
2003 – Dan Apple
2004 – Dennis Schlabach
2005 – Randy Moore
2006 – Dewey Stewart
2007 – Jim Giles
2008 – Bill Wahler
2009 – Randy Oliver
2010 – Jack Graf, Jr.
2011 – Ted Billman
2012 – Wes Day
2013 – David Ziegenhorn
2014 – Joe Earwood
2015 – Gary Stewart, Doorman Service Company, Kent, WA
2016 – Keith Bomholt, Cheney Door Company
2017 – Roy Bardowell
2018 – Paul McManus

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IDA Presidential Service Award:

This award is presented at the sole discretion of the current IDA president. The President’s Award is presented to an IDA member who has displayed an attitude of teamwork, and has been of exceptional assistance to the IDA president during his term of duty.

1996 – Doug Kidd
1997 – Dan Apple, Bill Winser
1998 – Bill Wahler, Bill Walker
1999 – Bill Walker, Dennis Schlabach
2000 – Jack Landis
2001 – Ted Billman, Jim Lett
2002 – Randy Oliver
2003 – Tom Schafer, Randy Moore
2004 – Inez Van Meter
2005 – Randy Oliver
2006 – Mark Stuenkel
2007 – Bob Hammersley
2008 – Janet Lett
2009 – Bob Hammersley
2010 – Cathy Buckingham, Mark Stuenkel
2011 – Bill Gibson, Alejandro Grossmann
2012 – Bob Hammersley
2015 – Steve Pascuzzi, Dan Nixa
2016 – Tim Matthews and Robin Oliver
2017 – Paul McManus, Flossie Mohler
2018 – Bill Wahler

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IDA – Special Service Award

2007 – Tom Schafer
2013 – George Manaras
2013 – Alejandro Grossman
2016 – Rosita Long-Wagner

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IDA Director Service Award

Presented to directors in recognition of completing their elected service as an IDA Director. The award will be presented for each three-year term successfully completed. Individual award plaques will highlight positions held during the term of office such as committee chairperson, committee member or association officer. In the case of the president, he/she will only receive the President’s Director Service Award at the conclusion of his/her official term of office as president.

1997 – Ken Roehl, Flossie Mohler, Dan Bernacki, Jack Graf, Jr.
1998 – Dan Apple, Greg Gilmer, Bill Wahler
1999 – None
2000 – Havard Macik, Jerry Kenaga, Shannon McGrady
2001 – Don Harrison
2002 – Ted Billman, Dennis Schlabach, Henry Tarnow, Steve Kalenich
2003 – Jerry Buckley, Michel Gendreau, Keith Bomholt, Bill Wahler, Randy Oliver and Mark Stuenkel
2004 – Joe Chisholm, Joe Earwood, Jim Lett, Tom Schafer, Inez Van Meter
2005 – Ban Beckley, Bob Hammersley, Steven Harris, David Haslam, Luckie Jennings, Randy Moore, Ed Niit
2006 – Jim Giles, Jim Jacobsen, Paul McManus, Randy Oliver, Mark Stuenkel, Bill Wahler
2007 –Tom Schafer, Joe Chisholm, PJ Walker, Scott Wilson, Rich Nolda
2008 – Dan Beckley, Luckie Jennings, Dave Haslam, Mark Stuenkel, Bob Hammersely, Robin Oliver, Michael Beltrami, Dan Murdock
2009 – Paul McManus, Patti McCombs, Lorraine Giles, Lance Little, Cathy Buckingham, Tony Price
2010 – Bob Hammersley, Rich Nolda, Andy Pomroy, Kevin Wetzel, Scott Wilson
2011 – John Mathews, Dan Murdock, Bill Gibson, Alejandro Grossmann, Joe Earwood, Robin Oliver
2012 – Patti McCombs, Cathy Buckingham, Ned Jones, Shaun Murphy, Tony Price, Wes Day
2013 – Dan Nixa, Kevin Wetzel, Dan Beckley, John Dunn, Paul Peloquin
2014 – John Storey, Jennifer Juhlke, Alegandro Grossmann, Joe Earwood, John Mathews, Lyle Symons
2015 – Ned Jones, Flossie Mohler, Bill Wahler, Chuck Colton, Paul McManus, Randy Oliver
2016 – Paul Peloquin, Kevin Pettiette, Ed Hermanns, Chris Cunningham, Joel Yackee, Dan Nixa
2017 – Tim Matthews, Bob Hammersley, Gordon McGraw, Jack Schram, Jennifer Juhlke, Miguel Acosta
2018 – Flossie Mohler, Paul McManus, David Dawdy, Bill Wahler, Chuck Colton, Keith Moore

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IDA International Dealer Award:

Dealers only. The International Dealer Award is awarded to garage door dealer companies operating outside the United States or its possessions. This award recognizes such dealers who operate their businesses with high integrity and quality. In addition, companies must demonstrate leadership in their communities, industry and be respected by their peers.

1998 – Creative Door, Canada, Dan Nixon
1999 – Chamberlain Doors Ltd., UK, Karen Diggle
2000 – None 2001 – Doormasters Inc, Canada, Dan Murdock
2002 – DOR-CO Sales & Service Ltd, Canada, Jerry Cousineau
2003 – Garage Doors (Northern) Ltd, Lancaster, UK, Peter & Julie Chester
2004 – Representaciones Del Callejo SA De CV, Alberto Del Callejo, Tijuana, Mexico
2005 – Select Overhead Door Service, Judy & William Stewart, Mississauga, Canada
2006 – None
2007 – None
2008 – Garage Door & Gate Solutions Pty, Ltd, Braeside, Australia
2009 – Brian Hays, Overhead Door Company of Ireland
2011 – Puertas Automaticas Grossmann, Mexico City, Mexico
2012 – Diplas, Santiago, Chile; Condoor Industrial Door of Zeewolde, Netherlands
2013 – Puertas Automaticas del Norte, Monterrey, Mexico
2014 – Delta-Warringah Garage Doors Sydney, Australia
2014 – AA Allgate Automation Pty Ltd Sidney, Australia
2015 – Grendal Travare A/S, Kjopmannsvik, Norway
2016 – Fernando Lopez Reyes, PIA Corp Puertas Y Instalaciones Automaticas, Mexico and Davis Reid, Avon Industrial Doors Ltd., Bristol, England
2017 – Puertas Y Controles Automaticos SA de CV, Mexico City, Overhead Door Company of Ireland, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
2018 – Assist Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria

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The IDA Globe Award:

The award presented to the Immediate Past President at the conclusion of his/her term of office as Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee is designated as the IDA Globe Award.

1999 – Bill Walker
2001 – John Zoller
2003 – Bill Winser
2005 – Ed Niit
2007 – Garry Stewart
2009 – Jim Lett
2011 – Mark Stuenkel
2013 – Bob Hammersley
2015 – Michael Beltrami
2017 – Bill Gibson

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IDA Heritage Award

This award is established to recognize individuals who have contributed to the well-being and heritage of the door and access systems industry.

2005 – Ray Neisewander, Sr; Ray Neisewander, Jr; Paul Kenaga; Jerry Kenaga
2006 – Jim Pace
2007 – The Cookson Family, The Cookson Company
2008 – Zumwalt Corp, St Louis, MO
2009 – The Cornell Family, Cornell Iron Works
2011 – Merchantville Overhead Door, Camden, New Jersey
2012 – Overhead Door Company of Colorado Springs, Colorado Spring, Colorado
2013 – Price Overhead Door, Amarillo, Texas
2014 – Tom Donahue, Allied Door Company, Pompano Beach, FL
2015 – Joseph Chisholm, Jr., Chisholm Overhead Door Company
2016 – The Fimbel Family
2017 – Heimar "Ed" Niit, (Posthumous) Door Systems Inc, Framingham, MA
2018 – National Door Industries Inc., Ft. Worth, TX

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IDA Humanitarian Award

This IDA award will recognize an individual or company that has contributed significantly to a humanitarian need.

2007 – Norman Miller
2008 – Garage Doors of Indianapolis
2009 – Herb Brenner, Amarr
2010 – Chamberlain
2011 – Tancil Horne
2012 – Gary Buechel, Rotary Products
2013 – Overhead Door Company of the Meadowlands
2014 – David Sciotto, Lodi Garage Doors & More, Pheonix, AZ
2015 – Jack Schrader, Overhead Door Company of Lycoming County, Williamsport, PA
2016 – Mike McAlear, Service Spring Corporation
2017 – Justus Angan, Ron Read, RW Garage Doors Inc, Vacaville, CA
2018 – Plano Overhead Garage Door, Plano, TX

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IDA Lifetime Honorary Member Award

2007 – Dennis Schlabach

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IDA Tancil A. Horne Charity Award

Presented to a non-profit charitable organization that represents the philanthropic and community service traits of the association and is located in the half of North America in which the Exposition is held.

1987 Loaves and Fishes, Nashville, TN, $5,000
1988 Helping Hand of Little Rock, Little Rock, AR, $5,000
1989 Bethany House and BOYS Hope, Cincinnati, OH, $5,000
1990 Metropolitan Battered Women, Inc New Orleans, LA, $5,000
1991 Nashville Home for Abused Children, Nashville, TN, $7,000
1992 The Spring, Housing Abused Women, Tampa, FL, $5,500
1993 The Domestic Crisis Center, Las Vegas, NV, $10,000
1994 Child Abuse Center, Children’s Hospital /St Paul, Minneapolis, MN, $5,000
1995 Oklahoma City Relief Fund, New Orleans, LA, $2,500
1996 Lend a Hand, Boulder City and Reach Out, Las Vegas, NV, $5,000
1997 Kids on the Block, Nashville, TN, $5,000
1998 Taller San Jose House, Anaheim, CA, $6,245
1999 Free the Children, Toronto, Canada, $5,000
2000 Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Las Vegas, NV, $5,000
2001 Atlantic City YouthBuild, Atlantic City, NJ, $5,000
2002 High Hopes, Nashville, TN, $5,000
2003 Any Baby Can, San Antonio, TX, $5,000
2004 National Camps for Blind Children, Gridley, CA, $5,000
2005 A Brighter Day, St Petersburg, FL, $5,000
2006 National Camps for Blind Children, Gridley, CA , $5,000
2007 Rett Syndrome Association UK, $5,000
2008 Rancho De Niños Inc, Sonora, MX $5,000
2009 Chapel Hill House, OH $10,000
2010 Fresh Start Ministries
2011 Wounded Warriors Outdoors
2012 Southern Nevada Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure
2013 BrightStone of Franklin, Tennessee
2014 CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children
2015 Ranch of Opportunity
2016 Semper Fi Fund
2017 Just 1 Book

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IDA Door Technician of the Year Award

2009 – Floyd Phelps, Crawford Door, Wilmington, NC
2010 – Greg Bishop, Enter Systems, Laguna Niguel, California; Don Mjolsness, Door Service, Inc., Grand Rapids, Minnesota; Graeme Klopper, McKinnon, Australia; Doug Hopkins, Jesse Morris and William Blunkall, The Door Company, Chico, California
2011 – Ed Vesbach, Joe Wilde Company, New Berlin, Wisconsin
2012 – Kyle Hart, Canadian Doormasters Electirc Ltd., British Columbia; Pete Howes & Craig Smith, Carolina Overhead Doors, Pikeville, North Carolina; Steve Mullins, Crawford & Brinkman Door & Window, Peoria, Illinois; Neith Northfield, All Season Garage Door, Coon Rapids, Minnesota; Duane Osterling, Thomas V. Geil Corp. Buller, Pennsylvania; James "Buck" Simmons, Trans Lift Dock & Door, Pelham, Alabama; Danny Smyth, Price Overhead Door, Amarillo, Texas
2013 – Kyle Hart, Canadian Doormasters Electirc Ltd. British Columbia; Troy Kilpatrick, American Garage Door, Mitchell, South Dakota
2014 – Vester Ganey, Welborn Garage Doors, Plano TX; Traves "Travis" Tappan, Martin Garage Doors
2015 – Chris Wolters, Wilcox Door Service
2016 – Randy Monks, Wilcox Door Service, Jonathan Raymond Massey, Entry Systems, and Stephen Antle, Wilcox Door Service
2017 – Lawrie Theurer, Applegate Door Company, Dan Shearrer, A1 Affordable Garage Door Services
2018 – Robynn Nehl, Doormaster, EJ Hildebrand, Plano Overhead Garage Door

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IDA Daniel R. Apple Commitment to Professionalism Award

2015 – Mike Watkins, Wayne-Dalton
2016 – Central States Door Dealer Association
2017 – Tim Castello, Miller Edge
2018 – Barbara Kelkhoff, LiftMaster

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