Automatic Garage Doors:  Safety and Security Working Together

Vitally important information is being disseminated by DASMA and IDA regarding some local news reports and social media posts related to using a zip tie to secure the manual (emergency) release latch.  Click here to read this information.

2014 IDAExpo™ Exhibitor Videos 

During the Las Vegas IDAExpo™, a number of exhibitors participated in a special IDA cameo/video program.  To view these videos, simply click here.  IDA thanks those companies that participated, and encourages dealers to take time to view the videos.  If you attended the event, you’ll be reminded of the tremendous products on display.   If you didn’t, you’ll benefit from seeing what you missed during the 2014 IDAExpo™!


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For most of us, it may seem too early to be thinking about the 2015 IDA director election.  Not so for the IDA Heritage and Nominating Committee.  The Committee will be reviewing names for the February 2015 election in October.

If you are an IDA dealer member from Region 4, 7 or 9, and wish to be considered as a director nominee, please submit your name to Bill Wahler, Chairman, IDA Heritage and Nominating Committee.  The three Regions include the following states: ND, SD, MN, WI, NE, IA, KS, MO, OK, TX, AR, MS, AL, LA, and CA.


It has been reported that News 4 in San Antonio aired a story on its May 7th 10 pm news program pertaining to the garage door being an easy entryway into a house.  The reporter’s suggested solution was to use a zip-tie and cut off the emergency release rope and handle.

Similar news stories have appeared in other cities within the United States.

An IDA member in San Antonio crafted a written reply, and posted it on his company’s Facebook account.  In addition, he sent an email to the reporter explaining his position in detail.  In the San Antonio Dealer’s response, he stated, “…the solution presented is a very dangerous one because the emergency release on the garage door opener is designed to help save lives in case a child or pet is accidentally pinned underneath the garage door or also in case of emergency exit out of the garage.”

Click here for the rest of the story.


Dealer FIT is an invaluable managerial tool that allows you to compare financial and managerial results of your dealership against the industry norm for dealers with similar sales volumes and similar types of sales activities.  Those who participate in the Dealer FIT Survey have all the statistics relating to garage door dealership’s financial and operating characteristics. Join today! It’s quick, easy and FREE to all IDA Dealer Members. In addition to our in depth spreadsheet analysis, the new Dealer FIT report now features many full color graphs and charts.  Click here for more information.

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